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Raspberry Pi LoRa KISS TNC

This project was originally started by Tom Kottek ( Because the program had some problems dealing with digipeated frames (it crashed when receiving a ssid with the 'has_been_digipeated' flag -*- set), I took on the task of fixing the code for my personal use.


The software controls the LoRa transceiver connected to the Raspberry´s SPI bus and emulates a KISS TNC over TCP. That makes it possible to use existing software like APRX. It is also possible to attach the KISS interface to the AX.25 stack via socat/kissattach.


I also designed my own (open source) hardware for it: a board holding a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, an SX1278 LoRa transceiver and a power supply with on/off button to safely switch on and off the system. The design files can be found on my website: RPi LoRa_shield

To Do

  • Add raw TCP KISS socket for true AX.25 over KISS