A dual band aprs digipeater with enhanced telemetry capabilities.

Updated 4 months ago

A LoRa APRS node with KISS interface based on a Raspberry Pi Pico

Updated 3 months ago

Exports statistics from FritzBox to Prometheus

Updated 2 years ago


Updated 1 year ago

Datalogger reading kWh pulses from a utility grid meter and publising it via MQTT

Updated 1 year ago

A bridge between MQTT and PE1RXF telemetry nodes.

Updated 3 months ago

Amateur radio interface for digital modes

Updated 1 year ago

Forwards PE1RXF APRS telemetry to MQTT broker

Updated 3 months ago

Weather station with ModBus over RS-485

Updated 1 month ago

This project is a collection of former (and some new) projects connected together to make an APRS digipeater, which doubles as an APRS weather station, with PE1RXF telemetry server capabilities.

Updated 2 months ago